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A fine French violin made in 1939 by Georges Apparut

belly ribs and profile back

     Georges Apparut was an award-winning and much sought after luthier during the first half of the 20th century. He trained under Blanchard in Lyon, then when opening his own workshop in Mirecourt in 1925 he employed a number of France's finest luthiers, many going on to become stars in their own right. Apparut's violins were prized by French soloists for their warmth of tone and excellent projection. This example is in very fine condition and is some of the finest work from this luthier - he left a bit of paper un-trimmed at the upper edge of his normal label and penned 'Special Extra' there in ink. 'George Apparut' is also branded inside the back above the label.

While for the most part the violin is in a condition similar to that in which it left the maker's hands, there were two small cracks in the lower belly owing to dry weather, both repaired some decades ago in traditional fashion and remaining sound today. The varnish is largely intact, showing the craquelure common to the better French varnishes and only slight wear, with most of what appears to be wear having been 'distressing' introduced by Apparut during the varnishing. The violin has been cleaned after having been stored in a felt-lined case for some decades and bonding with that material. The fingerboard was dressed to level some wear in first position, as apparently a former owner played a lot of dances or folk music. The wood used in this instrument is among the finest I have ever seen in a violin, the workmanship stunning. Warm and rich sounding.

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