This instrument is no longer available
Violin, likely German, labeled 'Calo Bergonzi' - now sold

belly back

    A rather lightly built violin, this instrument responds very easily with excellent volume and a somewhat 'sizzling' lively tone. It has seen some abuse in the scroll; a series of less than perfect repairs which seem to be holding. The body of the instrument is largely intact, with modest wear and only very nominal edge damage and wear considering its age. The fittings are in excellent condition.

The model is quite faithful to that of one of the last great Cremonese masters after whom it was named (albeit misspelled as 'Calo' on the label) Carlo Bergonzi, it seems likely the maker had an actual example to work from. Even the modelling of the scroll is fairly close to his style. The F-holes are a more like those of Stradivari's earlier work and similarly placed to those as well, where Bergonzi put his f-holes unusually low on the belly. The wood of the back is stunning, gorgeously flamed maple and well carved and finished, with much of the original varnish surviving. The maple of the ribs and neck come close in quality. The spruce used in the belly is of growth somewhat more dense in the late season of every year than the average, and the maker has understood how to compensate for this in the reduced thicknessing of the belly.