This instrument is no longer available
A violin of the Chipot-Vuillaume shop made in about 1910

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     Chipot-Vuillaume renamed himself from just Chipot, upon marrying a cobbler's daugher whose family name happened to be the same as that of the great luthier and entrepreneur J.B. Vuillaume. Chipot's success after this soared, as many were fooled by his inclusion in his labels of a note indicating, falsely, his relation to that great luthier. He died in 1892 due to his 'dissolute' lifestyle according to dictionaries. But his skill and those of the luthiers working for him were very fine, resulting in many excellent violins from this workshop over a couple of decades. The shop and rights to the Chipot-Vuillaume name were purchased by Drouin, carrying on the shop's traditional style and quality well into the 1920's. This violin is very cleanly made, classic French work in both musicality and stylish, neatly executed craft. A fine fiddle in almost new condition after about a century, with excellent, refined sound.

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