This instrument is no longer available
A violin by Chipot-Vuillaume or his shop, circa 1880-1910 - sold

belly back belly

     This is the third violin out of the shop of Jean-Baptiste Chipot-Vuillaume which I have brought back from long silence. The previous two have long since been sold. This one is in close to original condition, and though it is difficult to determine exactly, seems to come from between 1880 and 1910. The scroll, edges, arching and f-holes have been carved with a refinement somewhat greater than the previous two examples. The maple evenly flamed, the spruce of the belly of fairly broad grain for a violin. The tone is even and quite mellow, not at all nasal.


     The maker Jean Baptiste Chipot-Vuillaume renamed himself from just Chipot upon marrying a cobbler's daugher whose father was by coincidence given the same name as the great luthier and entrepreneur J.B. Vuillaume. He began labelling his instruments so as to indicate he was the son-in-law of this master, and dishonest though it was, the move greatly increased market awareness of his name, especially in England. He died in 1892 due to his 'dissolute' lifestyle according to dictionaries. But his skill and those of the luthiers working for him were very fine, resulting in many excellent violins from this workshop over a couple of decades. The shop and rights to the Chipot-Vuillaume name were purchased by Drouin, carrying on the shop's traditional style and quality well into the 1920's. This violin is very cleanly made, classic French work in both musicality and stylish, neatly executed craft.

scroll front scroll front scroll front