This instrument is no longer available
A Canadian violin made in 1920 by Collins Langille


     This violin was made in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in 1920 by Collins Langille. Nicely flamed and matched maple were used in the ribs, back and neck. Spruce used for the belly is of good quality as well. The majority of the work harkens to that of Northern German workshops of the late 19th century, however the rather elongated corners of the belly and back make it unlikely this was simply re-labelled factory work. What is more likely is that Collins Langille had a German violin or two which he admired, and he made this violin as something of a copy of that earlier work. The scroll is utterly naive in concept and execution, as the maker seems not to have had any experience with such carving at all, but still tried. As such I suspect it is his first, or at least a very early instrument. The voice is clear and open, quite solid for classical playing
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