This instrument is no longer available
A violin made in France about 1880 - now sold

belly back

    A violin of the Caussin school in Mirecourt, this example has a lovely soft flame in the maple back, neck and ribs and very close, even growth in the one-piece belly. Fine woods were used and the interior is very cleanly made as with the outside work. The arching and corners emulate those of what is thought to be the form used by the maker Deconet, a French man who spent most of his life in Venice and also travelled widely as a musician. There is some controversy over the past several decades regarding Deconet as it seems there is evidence he never actually made a violin, only distributed those of other makers in Venice. But of course that is not directly related to this instrument, which is a 130 year old copy of a 250 year old instrument. The sound is generous and open, has a mellow quality which nonetheless carries well. There have been several cracks, but these were restored long ago and very well, so the instrument is in excellent health. The violin has been sold.