This instrument is no longer available
A violin branded 'HOPF' made in about 1880

belly back

     What can one say about a HOPF? They're odd, that's certain. There were several Hopf family members engaged in luthiery from the mid-1600's for 80 years or so, but none seem to have acheived anything like a solid reputation. Square-ish models, ill conceived and blocky f-holes... one member of the family managed a decent scroll for a time. Generally thinly made, usually of broad grain in the belly. Sound usually decent at close range, not carrying very far.

This instrument is not likely by one of those makers, but rather coming from the family factory somewhat later. Still typical of the 'family style' with very square bouts and awkward shaping generally. I don't have a lot of nice things to say about this, nor any HOPF I've seen. Still, they appeal to some fiddlers, so here's one ready to go.

scroll side