sale of an 1890's Roth & Lederer violin

This violin is in excellent condition at about the age of 120 years. Made in the workshops of Ernst Heinrich Roth and Max Lederer - a partnership which began in 1890 and lasted until 1902, with the aim of producing consistently high quality violins copying a handful of prominent makers, to be sold via catalogue.This example bears a rich red varnish which is largely intact, and is labelled "Josef Guarnerius made by Roth & Lederer" with a drawing of a bow containing the letters R and L. The saddle over which the tailgut passes remains the original ivory, as is the nut at the top of the fingerboard - something which could present a problem if it were to be taken outside of Canada, so for a travelling violinist these should probably be replaced. I've recently shortened the lower ribs to account for the shrinkage of belly and back and some distortion from chinrest clamps - common ailments at around the century mark. The sound is quite generous and open, an easy violin to play. Now asking $1,000.

Roth & Lederer violin belly
Roth & Lederer violin back
Roth & Lederer violin scroll

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