violoncello made in 1993 by Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert and Reid Hudson bow

    In nearly pristine condition, this cello was played between its making in 1993 and the death of its owner in 2005, and has remained idle since. The family is now willing to part with this lovely instrument, letting its powerful and beautiful voice be heard once more. There was once a shrinkage crack in the lower belly related to winter dry air, which was apparently repaired very neatly by the makers. Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert have been making instruments together for decades in Petaluma, California, and even at this early date their work shows maturity and competence of a high degree. The sound is eager and nimble. The workmanship and woods used all excellent. Asking $60,000USD, the current price of a newly commissioned G&S cello.

Grubaugh and Seifert cello belly
Grubaugh and Seifert cello back
Grubaugh and Seifert cello side
Grubaugh and Seifert cello scroll
Grubaugh and Seifert cello label

    Also available is a bow made by Reid Hudson, in excellent condition, asking $4,500CAD.
To arrange trying this cello and bow (available separately) please contact me by phone or text message at 604 253 2503 or email