sale of Wilhelm Duerer violin

   The firm of Wilhelm Duerer was located in what is now Switzerland, along the Rhine river. They made many types of instruments including woodwinds and brass, usually to a high standard of workmanship. A signature hallmark of their violins is the rather narrow purfling typically inlaid very close to the outer edge of the belly and back, with similarly very narrow corners almost coming to points. They are also commonly known for a rather bright, narrow sound, however this example is a strong exception, having a warm and easy voice. There is no Duerer label - instead there are the remains of what looks like "Copy of Nicola Amati" with about half of the label scraped away. It seems likely this was made for export to the UK or the Americas given the English 'copy of.' The condition is quite good. Though the violin suffered two serious cracks in the lower belly long ago, these were well and properly repaired and lightly reinforced internally and have remained solidly mended. The lovely back is carved from a single piece of rather broadly flamed maple, matching the wood of the ribs. Asking $1,500.

Duerer violin belly

Duerer violin back

Duerer violin scroll

Bausch bow tip

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