doublebass and three bows for sale

    A mid-19th century Bohemian bass which belonged to Harry Aoki in his last years, this instrument is possessed of abundant character both visually and acoustically. A misguided effort at revarnishing some decades ago resulted in the present mottled colouration. The bass is stable, well adjusted, sounding solid. Asking $12,500. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

   Please contact me by phone or text message at 604 253 2503 or email or contact Rick Kilburn directly.

Harry Aoki bass belly
Harry Aoki bass back
Harry Aoki bass, treble side

   Three doublebass bows also available, this first by Peter Mach and asking $3500, the second a Hofner asking $2500, and the third by Robert Rechel asking $2250.
Mach bass bow
Hofner bass bow
Rechel bass bow