Last updated: January 13, 2022

    Musicians wishing to visit my workshop are welcome. If ill with symptoms of any sort of active infection please do not ask, just stay home until recovered, as one might have done in years past with any influenza you don't wish to spread. My immune system is doing just fine so I'm not concerned for my safety, but I'd rather avoid a case of the sniffles if possible, and likewise avoid the potential for transmission to others.

With Gmail now dominating most email services, I find that their old habit of throwing my replies into the 'Spam' or 'Trash' folder has accelerated. As such, while my own account continues to receive any and all email sent to it, my replies to free email accounts such as Gmail and to a slightly lesser extent to Outlook or Hotmail addresses are often not seen. As often as 10% of the time, now. As such, contacting me via phone or text message seems best, or Signal using the same phone number - 604 253 2503

Gerard and son Haru, checking strength of restored Bohemian bass belly My shop is also my home,
in Vancouver, BC, Canada
call or text message: 604 253 2503